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Trump Doesn’t Think There’s A Medical Supply Shortage. These Hospitals Beg to Differ.

An internal government report released Monday contradicts President Trump’s assessment that hospital administrators are “thrilled to be where they are.”

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These Seven GOP Governors Still Won’t Issue Stay-At-Home Orders

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said this week would be the "hardest and the saddest" for "most Americans' lives,” and went on to compare the upcoming period to the attacks on Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

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Coronavirus Will Kill More Than 100,000 Americans. Trump Is Still Focused on His Border Wall.

Even in a pandemic, the president and his advisers haven't lost sight of the opportunity to advance his political agenda, including a border wall, overhauling the courts, and protectionism.

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Trump’s Coronavirus Approval Rating Has Plummeted

The president’s approval mark has dropped 8% since March 20 while his disapproval has risen by 9%

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You Know It’s Bad When Waffle House Closes and Waffle House Just Closed

As of Wednesday afternoon, 420 restaurants had closed.

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Four Parents Share How Coronavirus Has Upended Their Lives

Between figuring out how to explain the reality of what's happening in the world, balancing work with homeschooling duties, and simply keeping kids entertained, self-isolation presents many challenges for parents.

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Officials Tried To Warn Trump A Pandemic Was Coming In January. He Didn’t Listen.

President Donald Trump received numerous reports and classified warnings from U.S. intelligence agencies in January and February about the immense danger of a coronavirus outbreak, while his administration failed to take action early on to slow the spread of the pandemic, reports by the Washington Post.