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Graphics via Desirée Tapia for COURIER
The ‘Warrior Mindset’ of Cops Is One of the Biggest Obstacles to Police Reform

“Fear is motivating a lot of excessive force because you just have a lot of officers out there who don't know how to handle themselves properly” in situations that require the use of defensive tactics.

Graphics via Desirée Tapia for COURIER
Police Unions Are Preventing Real Reform. Here’s How.

In many police unions, advocacy for members often means ignoring misconduct, supporting officers regardless of what they’ve done, fighting tooth and nail against meaningful reform, and in some cases, resorting to threats.

Graphics via Desirée Tapia for COURIER
How Elected Officials From Trump to City Mayors Have Stopped Police Reform

One of the driving forces behind the failure to overhaul policing has been government inaction across every level.