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Jill Biden
After the DeVos and Trump Years, Having Jill Biden as First Lady Is a Huge Deal for Teachers Everywhere

“Having Dr. Biden in the White House could mean the world to public education in this country, including community colleges."

Miriam Mohammed and her family, including Noah (middle). Photo courtesy of subject.
Students With Disabilities Have Suffered the Most Under School’s Pandemic Conditions

“He regressed a lot. How do we know he’s regressing? We see more refusals."

School buses in coronavirus pandemic
A Majority of School Bus Drivers Are Over 55. Here’s How One District Is Protecting Them.

Bus riding during the pandemic has been a source of concern for parents nationwide, and school bus drivers—like teachers and other school staff—are putting their own health at risk to perform their jobs.

Geraldine Swann, director of community outreach at Hampstead Hill Academy in Baltimore, poses for a photograph Monday, Aug. 31, 2020, in Baltimore. The pandemic has Geri Swann working her cell phone constantly, as she gets up to 100 emails a day seeking help for students and their families. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)
The Pandemic Is Making Gaps in Education Even More Apparent in Public Schools

Geri Swann, a community schools coordinator, has been busier than ever supporting struggling families at her diverse Baltimore charter school.

Schools across the country are bracing for steep budget cuts as the coronavirus pandemic continues (AP Photo/Jeff Amy).
Massive School Budget Cuts Poised to Disproportionately Affect Students of Color, the Disabled, and Low-Income Students

As schools across the United States struggle to reopen, they are facing huge budget shortfalls caused by the coronavirus pandemic. And the impact isn't going to be felt evenly.

A teacher raised by two Postal Service workers sees parallels in the attacks on both public institutions. (Image via Shutterstock)
Take It From a Teacher Raised by Two Postal Workers, the Attacks on Schools and the USPS Are Linked

As the Trump administration and privatizers dismantle the US Postal Service, public educators can relate to their plight.

Image via Shutterstock
Schools That Reopened Last Week Are Already Shutting Down Over COVID-19

School districts are facing coronavirus outbreaks as they begin to reopen without the federal funding necessary to do so safely.