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Trump Seems to Be Playing Politics with Medical Equipment. That’s Risking Lives.

Many states have pleaded with the Trump administration to send more medical supplies. Only Florida seems to have gotten the president's attention.

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Coronavirus Expected to Take 200K American Lives. Trump’s Response Continues to be Far From Comforting

The outbreak could kill 200,000 Americans, the U.S. government's top infectious-disease expert warned. Yet, Trump's continues to minimize its impact.

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As Trump Reassured Public, He Reportedly Told Friend to Leave NYC Over Coronavirus

According to sources cited by the New York Post, Trump warned real estate magnate Stanley Chera that leaving for his summer home in New Jersey would be “safer.”

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Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings Are His New Rallies

Like his campaign rallies, the daily pressings include plenty of self-congratulation and airing of grievances, press bashing, tirades against his critics and an ample dose of misleading information.

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Trump Appears Fine with Prioritizing Stocks Over Elderly People’s Lives

Despite repeated warnings from health officials about the dangers of lifting social distancing restrictions, President Trump is now signaling that he may go against their advice and prioritize the economy.

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Trump Might End Social Distancing Measures Because He’s Worried About Re-Election

Public health experts have warned against prematurely scaling back social distancing measures, arguing that it would harm efforts to contain the virus and devastate U.S. hospitals.

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Officials Tried To Warn Trump A Pandemic Was Coming In January. He Didn’t Listen.

President Donald Trump received numerous reports and classified warnings from U.S. intelligence agencies in January and February about the immense danger of a coronavirus outbreak, while his administration failed to take action early on to slow the spread of the pandemic, reports by the Washington Post.