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Voter ID laws mostly serve to disenfranchise voters rather than prevent voter fraud (which is less common than getting struck by lightning).
Voter ID Laws Don’t Stop Fraud, They Stop Voting

Texas, Georgia, and 33 other US states have voter ID laws in place for the 2020 election. They don't stop voter fraud, but they do prevent thousands of registered voters from casting ballots.

Elections officials across the country agree that voters should have confidence in the integrity of the 2020 election.
Elections Officials Around the Country Confirm: Your 2020 Vote Is Secure

COURIER and its sister sites spoke with officials running the 2020 election from North Carolina to Wisconsin. Here's how they're keeping this year's election safe.

The Fate of Florida — And America — Could Come Down To An Unjust Poll Tax

"I didn't appreciate the vote until I lost my rights as a felon. If they want to stop a bunch of Blacks and Latinos from voting, it must be important."

Desmond Meade— president of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition—voted for the first time in 30 years in 2020 and is helping other returning citizens regain their right to vote after serving sentences. (Graphic by COURIER/Denzel Boyd; AP Photo/John Raoux)
WATCH: After 30 Years, Desmond Meade Can Finally Vote. And He’s Making Sure Others Can Too.

“When I walked in there I was taking the spirit of the Civil Rights movement with me,” said Desmond Meade. After 30 years, Meade regained his right to vote and led the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition to help others vote too.

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58% of Americans Support Voting By Mail. But Republicans Are Fighting the Idea.

A new poll shows 58% of registered voters support letting people vote from home during the pandemic, but Republicans have vocally opposed the idea.

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Florida GOP’s Attempt to Stop 1.4 Million From Voting Ruled Unconstitutional

A federal court of appeals affirmed that Florida’s new re-enfranchisement law, which requires felons in the state to pay all court fines and fees before voting, violates the 14th Amendment.