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Desmond Meade— president of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition—voted for the first time in 30 years in 2020 and is helping other returning citizens regain their right to vote after serving sentences. (Graphic by COURIER/Denzel Boyd; AP Photo/John Raoux)
WATCH: After 30 Years, Desmond Meade Can Finally Vote. And He’s Making Sure Others Can Too.

“When I walked in there I was taking the spirit of the Civil Rights movement with me,” said Desmond Meade. After 30 years, Meade regained his right to vote and led the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition to help others vote too.

Obama Calls for Expansion of Voting Rights During Stirring Eulogy for John Lewis
Obama Calls for Expansion of Voting Rights During Stirring Eulogy for John Lewis

While honoring Congressman John Lewis, Obama rebuked the GOP and issued an urgent call to action on voting rights.

(Graphic by COURIER/Denzel Boyd; Photo by Element5 Digital)
Maricopa County Voters Can Cast Their Ballot at Any Polling Place This Fall

151 polling locations throughout Maricopa County will be converted into locations where any registered voter can go and cast their ballot.

Long Lines and Broken Machines Couldn’t Stop These Black and Latino Voters In Georgia

In spite of long delays, these two Latinos and a Black mother and son showed up to cast their ballots. This is what their experience at the polls was like.

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It’s Official. Ex-Felons in Florida Will Be Allowed to Vote Despite Legal Fees

The judge overturned part of a law passed by Republican lawmakers and signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis last year forbidding ex-felons to vote.

People vote at Riverside High School for Wisconsin's primary election Tuesday April 7, 2020, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)
Warren Proposes 30 Days of Early Voting to Protect Elections

The coronavirus pandemic is making lawmakers and election experts rethink the way Americans vote.

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Trump Says It’s OK for Him to Vote Absentee But ‘Dangerous’ for Anyone Else

Trump voted by mail just last month, but he says other people who do it are cheaters.