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The Fate of Florida — And America — Could Come Down To An Unjust Poll Tax

"I didn't appreciate the vote until I lost my rights as a felon. If they want to stop a bunch of Blacks and Latinos from voting, it must be important."

Minnesota absentee ballot extension
Minnesota Voters: Your Ballot Will Count as Long as It’s Postmarked by Nov. 3 and Received by Nov. 10

“The rights of voters to cast their ballots in the least burdensome manner is paramount. This decision furthers that ability.”

Voting Rights Groups Warn FL Officials to Prepare for Election Day, After Voter Site Crash

"This isn’t something the state couldn’t have predicted...We’ve been trying to tell them for months this was going to happen."

Voting rights advocates say thousands of ballots are in limbo as a federal judge weighs NC's absentee ballot procedures.
With Thousands of Ballots in Limbo, Federal Judge Delays Ruling on NC Absentee Ballots

Voting rights advocates say that NC is running out of time before Election Day to decide what to do with thousands of absentee ballots.

Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee (Photo by Jonathon Sadowski; Graphic by Denzel Boyd/COURIER)
Milwaukee Cancels Early Voting at Miller Park and Fiserv Forum After Republican Threat

A GOP lawsuit and a conservative state Supreme Court could lead to ballots being challenged, thrown out.

Desmond Meade— president of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition—voted for the first time in 30 years in 2020 and is helping other returning citizens regain their right to vote after serving sentences. (Graphic by COURIER/Denzel Boyd; AP Photo/John Raoux)
WATCH: After 30 Years, Desmond Meade Can Finally Vote. And He’s Making Sure Others Can Too.

“When I walked in there I was taking the spirit of the Civil Rights movement with me,” said Desmond Meade. After 30 years, Meade regained his right to vote and led the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition to help others vote too.

Obama Calls for Expansion of Voting Rights During Stirring Eulogy for John Lewis
Obama Calls for Expansion of Voting Rights During Stirring Eulogy for John Lewis

While honoring Congressman John Lewis, Obama rebuked the GOP and issued an urgent call to action on voting rights.