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Keisha Shields is voting in memory of her father and their shared values.
I Vote in Honor of My Dad, Who Died from Cancer as Trump Cut Research Funding

Keisha Shields remembers how troubled she and her father were after the 2016 election. So in memory of him, she's using her vote to stand up for their shared values this November.

Lance Wood. Photo courtesy Lance Wood.
‘A Fair Shot:’ This CMU Student Votes Because the Environment and Economy Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

Central Michigan University student Lance Wood doesn’t see science and the economy as different things — people need both working together to thrive.

My Parents Are Undocumented Immigrants. I’m Voting in North Carolina Because They Can’t.

A first-generation American and NC community college student tells us why immigrant rights and women’s rights are driving her to vote.

Teresa Duhl (center, back) and her family (from left to right: Chris Duhl (spouse and partner), Ethan Duhl (oldest child (13 in the photo, now 15), Spencer Duhl (youngest child (10 in photo, now 12)) (in front).
Photo provided by Teresa Duhl
‘Other Lives Depend on It’: What Inspires This Michigan Voter

Teresa Duhl votes to empower those who are waiting in place.

(Graphic by COURIER/Denzel Boyd; Facebook Photo)
WATCH: Samer Ghani Didn’t Vote Until Recently. Here’s Why He’s Pleading With You to Vote Now.

This Milwaukee photographer and videographer talks about the high stakes of the November election.

The writer, a student at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, says she's telling her story so eligible voters will appreciate the import of their vote this fall.
I’m Not Eligible to Vote. That’s Why I Work To Make Sure Others Do.

An immigrant living in NC says her father is the only family member eligible to vote, so she makes sure others know what’s at stake.

This Michigan mom is reminded of why she votes: for her children.
‘It Starts With Us:’ This Michigan Woman on How She Votes to Protect Her Kids

A Farmington mother of two explains why she votes with her children in mind every time.