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A Record Number of Women Are Running for Office in 2020

New data shows 295 women have already filed for office to run as Democrats, while 195 are Republican candidates.

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Women Are Losing Their Jobs More Than Men Due To Coronavirus. Here’s Why.

Women may account for more than 55% of unemployment claims filed between mid-March and April 4, according to an analysis by the Economic Policy Institute.

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For International Women’s Day, We’re Celebrating These Trailblazing Philly Women

Through social, economic, cultural, and political change, these women are making history.

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Weinstein Was Found Guilty. These North Carolina Women Say It’s Not Enough.

One survivor said she found the verdict both “hopeful and discouraging.”

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This Woman Brought Her Newborn to Work Because the U.S. Doesn’t Offer Guaranteed Paid Leave

With several proposals on the table, Congress appears ready to address America's caregiving crisis.

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Medicaid coverage for new moms only lasts 60 days post-birth — for now

Last week, lawmakers voted to advance legislation that would give states the option to extend the public insurance option for new mothers to a year.

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After Rep. Katie Hill’s exit, House Democrats push to criminalize revenge porn

“This abuse, especially when weaponized on the internet, can destroy a person’s life with the click of a button."