Tara McGowan is the founder and Publisher of Courier Newsroom and CEO of Good Information Inc, a civic incubator that invests in immediate solutions to counter disinformation online.

A former political strategist with an early career in journalism, Tara has seen firsthand how America’s information crisis has contributed to the rising threat of authoritarianism and the deterioration of social trust. In 2017, Tara founded a nonprofit, ACRONYM, to build online infrastructure for the progressive movement. Recognizing the need for new media infrastructure that deliberately reaches and informs the increasing population of passive news consumers across the country who are most susceptible to being targeted with disinformation online, Tara founded Courier Newsroom in 2019. Courier is a network of state and local newsrooms that deliver factual, cultural and relevant news through a pro-democracy lens to communities who have been left behind by traditional media, directly to their social newsfeeds and inboxes. She departed ACRONYM in 2021 to devote her full focus to scaling Courier and tackling the nation’s information divide.

Earlier in her career, Tara led multi-million dollar digital advertising and marketing programs for dozens of nonprofits and political groups, including Priorities USA, NextGen Climate, and President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. She studied journalism and political science at NYU and began her career reporting and producing long-form journalism for both 60 Minutes and PBS Frontline.