Voters Widely Oppose National Abortion Ban, COURIER/Data For Progress Poll Finds

WASHINGTON, DC — A New COURIER / Data For Progress poll released today shows a majority of Americans — 68% — oppose a nation-wide abortion ban like some Republicans in congress have suggested.


  • A majority of voters oppose a nation-wide abortion ban (68%).

  • When asked “If the the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, do you think it would strengthen the court’s legitimacy, weaken the court’s legitimacy, or would it make no difference?,” a plurality of voters (48%) said the decision would weaken the legitimacy of the court — 31% it would make no difference and 21% said it would strengthen it.

  • Recent developments around access to abortion in America have poll respondents feeling “Worried” (47%), “Angry” (44%), and “Sad” (40%).

To view the full results, click here. From May 13 to May 17, 2022, Data for Progress conducted a survey of 1,109 likely voters nationally using web panel respondents. The sample was weighted to be representative of likely voters by age, gender, education, race, and voting history. The survey was conducted in English. The margin of error is ±3 percentage points.