Signs at the anti-gun safety laws rally in Richmond, Virginia
Reality Check: Here’s What Democrats Are Actually Doing For Gun Safety in Virginia

Despite claims of “tyranny,” the laws Virginia’s state legislature are considering are now the norm in many other states.

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Peacocks on a Plane Will Be a Thing of the Past If the Government Gets Its Way

The number of emotional support animals traveling aboard commercial flights increased from 481,000 in 2016 to 751,000 in 2017.

Tax forms and calculator
A Bill Backed by Rep. Underwood Could Save Illinoisans Hundreds on Their Taxes

The legislation could stop double taxation in the state.

Rep. Golden Says Lighting The ‘Other Side on Fire’ Is a Terrible Way to Start Negotiations

The freshman Democrat explains his strategy for his first year in Congress.

How This Bill Could Help Fix America’s Skilled Labor Crisis by Promoting Vocational Training

It would let families use federal college savings accounts for credentialing beyond the standard college degree.

This One Thing Could Save Some New Jerseyans More Than $700 on Their Taxes

A bill that recently passed the House could help taxpayers avoid "double" taxation.

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What You Need to Know About the Deadly Coronavirus That Just Hit the U.S.

The number of reported deaths resulting from a new strain of coronavirus, which originated in China, has nearly tripled since Tuesday.

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Chief Justice Roberts Reminds Impeachment Attorneys to Keep It Civil

Plus three other things you need to know today, January 22.

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