Tara McGowan Publisher
Cassandra Henry Chief of Staff to the Publisher
Michael Shagoury Senior Vice President of Audience Development
Kimberly Lawson Vice President for Community Content
Ari Cunningham Vice President of People and Operations
Carrie Adams Senior Director of Revenue and Partnerships
RC Di Mezzo Head of Communications
Kate Bassett National Political Director
Pat Rynard National Political Editorial Director
Victoria Leandra Head of Social
Lisa Hayes Editorial Director, Community Content
Emily Ross Director of Data and Analytics
Rebecca Russ Design Director
Keya Vakil Deputy Political Director
Desiree Tapia Senior Graphic Designer
Jeremy Blackwell Senior Finance Manager
Shaun Sindelman Senior Video Editor
marc blumenfeld webmaster
Marc Blumenfeld Webmaster
Amanda Lewis Finance Manager
Francesca Daly Graphic Designer
Isabel Soisson Political Content Producer
Lizette Ortiz Data Analytics Engineer


Our team is growing nationally and across our newsrooms.


The Keystone


Patrick Berkery Managing Editor
Ashley Adams Content Producer
Graham Harrington Content Producer

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The Gander


Kyle Kaminski Political Correspondent
Isaac Constans Content Producer + Multimedia Reporter
Hope O’Dell Social Media Manager

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Up North News


Pat Kreitlow Chief Political Correspondent + Founding Editor
Christina Lorey Community Editor
Cherita Booker Social Media Manager

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Iowa Starting Line


Ty Rushing Chief Political Corespondent
Nikoel Hytrek Content Producer + Multimedia Reporter
Amie Rivers Community Editor
Ellie Konfrst Social Media Manager

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Copper Courier


Camaron Stevenson Chief Political Corespondent + Founding Editor
Jess Swarner Community Editor
Robert Gundran Content Producer + Multimedia Reporter
Araceli Cruz Social Media Manager
Martin Sanchez Regional Community Development Manager

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Meghin Moore Content Producer + Multimedia Reporter
Amie Knowles Community Editor
Carolyn Fiddler Dogwood Chief Correspondent

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Florida + Puerto Rico

Crystal Harlan Managing Editor
Giselle Balido Editor
Mivette Vega Reporter

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Cardinal & Pine

North Carolina

Billy Ball Managing Editor
Michael McElroy Reporter
Dylan Rhoney Regional Community Development Manager

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