Courier Newsroom has one purpose: to bolster local newsrooms across the country and create a more informed, engaged, and representative America. Our network of eight local newsrooms provides the communities we serve—including people who live in information silos—with credible, fact-based journalism centered on the people and policies affecting their lives, delivered to them on the online platforms and channels where they go to for information.


1. Courier Newsroom previously described itself as a progressive news organization. What does this mean?

Courier Newsroom exists to build a more informed, engaged, and representative America. Our team of reporters, editors, content producers, data analysts, marketing strategists, and executive leaders come from diverse backgrounds, and industries and hold diverse beliefs and political leanings. What we share is a common set of values that guide our civic mission and our reporting to the communities we serve. You can read our values here.

Courier Newsroom follows a long tradition around the world of news reporting with an editorial point of view—one committed to accuracy and integrity in our reporting, in accordance with the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics. As a mission-driven news organization, we do not tolerate reporting that manufactures “both sides”— we will never give unfounded claims or conspiracy theories the same treatment as facts and evidence-based information.


2. How do Courier’s mission and values influence its coverage of elections?

Our newsrooms are committed to providing the communities we serve with fact-based reporting and storytelling on issues of local and national significance; our election coverage is no different. We will seek to provide our audiences with detailed, factual information about the candidates and issues being debated, as well as voting guides and resources to encourage participation among all eligible voters in advance of local, state, and federal elections.


3. Will Courier Newsroom ever report on corrupt Democrats or the positive work of Republicans?

As a network of local newsrooms, our priority is to report on policy issues that are relevant to people’s lives—not scandals or clickbait. With that in mind, Courier Newsroom will report as appropriate and relevant on elected officials and  politicians of either party who betray our values, cause harm, or seek to cause harm to the communities we serve. The same goes for our reporting on elected officials who espouse our values, put their constituents’ needs first, and protect our democracy at all costs.


4. If a Courier Newsroom reporter is covering a contentious issue with a long history of unfavorable political action on both sides of the aisle, how does the reporter approach the subject? 

Our reporting should be as direct and accurate as possible, without misrepresenting the facts or ultimate harms that may be perpetuated by either political party. Ultimately, the questions our coverage should address are: What is the public’s stake here? Do these policies serve the people they are intended to? Why or why not?


5. How does Courier fund its journalism?

Courier Newsroom is an independent, public benefit corporation supported by a mix of equity investment, membership, advertising, philanthropy, and corporate underwriting. 

As a mission-driven organization, we seek to become financially sustainable, rather than profitable, in order to continue to invest in our journalism, and staff and grow our network’s reach and impact across the country.

If in a given year one of our newsrooms makes a profit, that money will be re-invested in journalism.


6. Does Courier disclose its investors and other funding sources?

Courier Newsroom will make available a list of our investors and underwriting supporters who have contributed $25,000 or more, updated on a biannual basis, to interested parties. Any donor or sponsor at this level who’s mentioned in a story will be identified in that story. Sponsors of our newsletters or events will be disclosed. Should Courier ever introduce sponsored content, that content will always identify who that sponsor is. To inquire about Courier’s investors, please reach out to info@couriernewsroom.com.


7. What structures are in place to ensure Courier operates independently from any of its investors?

Our editorial firewall between our funding sources and newsrooms ensures that our funders would never influence our journalism. We do not accept funding or underwriting from any national or state political party, party committee, PAC, candidate, or campaign.


8. Is Courier a political operation?

Courier Newsroom is a civic news organization that is owned and operated by Good Information Inc., a public benefit corporation that seeks to increase the flow of good information online to counter disinformation where it spreads and increase civic participation.

Courier Newsroom produces independent journalism with a point-of-view. It has no formal or financial ties to any political party, party committee, PAC, campaign or candidate, nor will it accept funding from these entities.


9. Does Courier Newsroom target specific audiences with its news content?

Like any other news organization, Courier invests in marketing strategies to reach new audiences with our journalism, on the channels and platforms where people go for information today. Our marketing strategies include but are not limited to advertising our news content on social media platforms, websites, search engines, mobile apps and other channels where audiences spend their time.